they mostly ignore each other

140 year old mom with her 5 day old son

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Serial reposters may be filtered. False claims of ownership will result in a ban. they mostly ignore each other. Adult males will fight to establish dominance or defend their territory. Adult females mostly ignore each other, if they have enough space; tortoises need quite a lot Canada Goose Parka of space, more than other reptiles. Otherwise even females can start fights. Male tortoises will harrass females, so if you canada goose replica want to keep a group of them, in addition to lots of space, you should have at least two or three females per male. At least one big part of it. To determine the average lifespan of something, you need a large sample size Canada Goose Jackets (many specimen) from which to calculate the average. Add to that the fact that proper tortoise husbandry hasn been around for that long. Only about 2 decades ago, many people were still feeding their pet tortoises with cat and dog food, for example, which we now know is bad for them and will canada goose deals lead canadian goose https://www.canadagooseparks.com jacket to a premature death. (Reptiles in general have very “simple” brains, the exception being the bird/reptile hybrids that are crocodilians). They are very “reactive” animals, they don really “think”, analyze or learn. (Compare to a team of lionesses hunting, a crow doing puzzles or a raccoon figuring out trash cans.) They physically cannot; they don have the hardware for it.

Your assessment is pretty spot on. In zoos, tortoises eat their kale and yams, sit in the sun, hump each other and figure life is pretty great.

Edit Sorry, fellow reptile owners. I canada goose store was given diazepam, and told to rest. I spent the following week pretty out of it, before switching to some lighter painkillers.

At the time, there was a NZ soap called Shortland Street that my Mum was very into. The cheap Canada Goose storyline at the time was that of a mother who was poisoning her daughter, buy canada goose jacket cheap to keep her from going out/seeing a boyfriend (I can remember quite why, but something along those lines).

All I remember of that week was a blur of voices talking about a mother poisoning her daughter, and My Mum waking me up and telling me I needed buy canada goose jacket to eat. By the end of the week I was pretty certain my Mum was trying to kill me. (And, to be fair, they didn necessarily grow up in a modern zoological setting.)

The nice thing about being an egg layer though is that you don have the massive toll in your body that pregnancy and breastfeeding requires.

I mean, Canada Goose Coats On Sale sure, Canada Goose online you still gotta pull enough calcium and nutrients to make eggs, but it Canada Goose Outlet not like being pregnant and having to care for/feed offspring for a canada goose clearance sale while afterwards. Egg layers are (generally) more capable of reproduction in their old age than mammals are.

Edit Apparently this picture is a lie, it isn a species known to live a long time. The stuff I said about life spans is for the big, long lived species.

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