I then consider whether it is perhaps the very nature of the

Asian Philosophy and Pseudophilosophy

Dale Tuggy is in town and we met up on Thursday and Friday. On Canada Goose Outlet UK Good Friday morning I took him canada goose clearance on a fine looping traipse in the Western Superstitions out of First Water trail head to Second Water trail to Garden Valley, down to Hackberry Spring, and then back to the Second Water trail via the First Water creek bed. We were four hours on the trail, 6:55 10:55, both of us wired up (in both senses of that term) for one of Dale famous podcasts. One of the topics discussed was the Buddhist anatta/anatman doctrine which we both respectfully reject. I believe that Dale concurred with all of the following points I made and with some others as well:

1. The nonexistence of what fails to find does not logically follow from failing to find it. the failure to find in experience an object called does not entail the nonexistence of the self.

3. What more, the positing of a self seems rationally required even though self not experienceable. There are Canada Goose Outlet also considerations Canada Goose Online re: diachronic personal identity. Suppose I decide to investigate the question of the self. A moment later I begin the investigation by carefully examining the objects of inner and outer experience to see if canada goose black friday sale any one of them is the self. After some searching I come to the that the self is not to be located among the objects of experience. I then entertain the thought that perhaps there is no self. canada goose store But then it occurs to me that failure to find X is not proof of X nonexistence. I then consider whether it is perhaps the very nature of the subject of experience to be canadian goose jacket unobjectifiable. And so I conclude that the self exists but is not objectifiable, or at least not isolable as a separate object of experience among others.

This reasoning may or may not be sound. point, however, is that the reasoning, which plays out over a period of Canada Goose Jackets time, would not be possible at all if there were no one self no one unity of consciousness and self consciousness that maintained its strict numerical identity over the period of time in question. For what we have in the reasoning process is not merely a succession conscious states, buy canada goose jacket but also a consciousness of their succession in one and the same conscious subject. Without the consciousness of succession, without the retention of the earlier states in the present state, no conclusion could be arrived at.

All reasoning presupposes the diachronic unity of consciousness. Or do you think that Canada Goose Coats On Sale the task of thinking through a syllogism could be divided up? Suppose Manny says, All men are mortal! Moe then pipes up, Socrates is a man! Could Jack conclude that Socrates is mortal? No. He could say it but not conclude it. (This assumes that Jack does not hear what the other two Pep Boys say. Imagine each in a separate room.)

The hearing of a melody supplies a second example.

To hear the melody Do Re Mi, it does not canada goose clearance sale suffice that there be a hearing of Do, followed by a hearing of Re, followed by a hearing of Mi. For canada goose coats on sale those three acts of hearing could occur in that sequence in three distinct subjects, in which case they would not add up to the hearing of a melody. (Tom, Dick, and Harry can divide up the task of loading a truck, but not the ‘task’ of hearing a melody, or that of understanding a sentence, or that of inferring a conclusion from premises.) But now suppose the acts of hearing occur in the same canada goose deals subject, but that this subject is not a unitary and self same individual but just the bundle of these three acts, call them A1, A2, and A3. When A1 ceases, A2 begins, canada goose and when A2 ceases, A3 begins: they do not overlap. In which act is the hearing of the melody? A3 is the only likely candidate, but surely it cannot be a hearing of the melody. For the awareness of a melody involves the awareness of the (musical not temporal) intervals between the notes, and to apprehend Canada Goose Parka these intervals there must be a retention (to use Husserl’s term) in the present act A3 of the past acts A2 and A1. Without this phenomenological presence of the past acts in the present act, there would be no awareness in the present of the melody. But this implies that Canada Goose online the self cannot be a mere bundle of perceptions externally related to each other, but must be a peculiarly intimate unity of perceptions in which the present perception A3 includes the immediately past ones A2 and A1 as temporally past but also as phenomenologically present in the mode of retention. The fact that we hear melodies thus shows that there must be a self same and unitary self through the period of https://www.salecanadagooseoutlets.com/ time between the onset of the melody and its completion. This unitary self is neither identical to the sum or collection of A1, A2, and A3, nor is it identical to something wholly distinct from them. Nor of course is it identical to any one of them or any two of them. This unitary self is given whenever one hears a melody. (An entertaining video clip, not too long, that sums up his main doctrine.)

Alan Watts was a significant contributor to the Zeitgeist of the 1960s. Just as many in those days were on to philosophy by Ayn Rand, others such as myself were pushed toward philosophy by, among other things, Alan Watts and his writings. But early buy canada goose jacket cheap on I realized that there was much of the pied piper and sophist about him. He once aptly described himself as a “philosophical entertainer” as opposed to an academic philosopher. Entertaining he was indeed.

I heard him speak in the last year of his life on 17 January 1973. He appeared to be well into his cups that evening, though in control. Alcohol may have been a major contributor to his early death at age 58 on 16 November 1973. Extremely provocative and entertaining. A good comparing and contrasting of Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Chinese views. Ego as totally illusory entity which is really nothing but a composite of one image of oneself and certain muscular tensions which arise with attempts to achieve, grasp, and hold on. The self as opposed to the ego is God, God who forgot who he was. The world (cosmos) as God dream. Thus the self same Godhead reposes in each individual. There is no spiritual individuality. And therefore, it seems, no possibility of relation. It presupposes two distinct canada goose replica but relatable entities. If there is only one homogeneous substance, how can there be relation? But perhaps I misinterpreting the Wattsian Hindu view by thinking of the Hindu deity as substance rather than as function, process. Watts himself denies the existence of substance. Last night he made the well known point as to the linguistic origin of the notion of substance. its relegation to the sphere of illusion would seem to go hand in hand with denial of substance. [Good point, young man!] Watts seems very close to as pseudo scientific metaphysics. He posits a continuum of vibrations with the frequency of the cheap Canada Goose vibrations determining tangible, physical qualities. Yet he also says that “We will Canada Goose sale always canada goose coats find smaller particles”; that “We doing it”; that the fundamental reality science suppsedly uncovwers is a mental, a theoretical construct.

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